Where Can The Hazelnut Tree Be Planted?

If you think about planting a hazelnut tree in the garden and you do not know where to put it, here is the place where you can find out.
1 Hazelnut trees can be grown from the plain to the sub-mountainous area, but the most prosperous area is represented by the hills zone.
2 Hazelnut tree is not pretentious to light, but in the sub-mountainous and high hills area it must be planted on areas with eastern, southern, south-eastern or south-western exposure.
3 Resistant to areas where winter temperatures do not fall below -4°F, and precipitations add up
700-1200 mm.Read More

4 Because the hazelnut tree pollination is done with the help of the wind, the planting will done in the direction of the dominant winds.
5 It likes medium-textured soils, water and air permeable, with a 23-31 inches layer of fertile soil.

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