When To Harvest The Quinces And How Long Can They Be Preserved?

If you’re picking the quince fruits wrong, the tree will not bear the next year.

How to recognize ripe quinces
1. To determine the correct harvest time, you need to remove the fuzz that forms on the fruit peel.
2. On well-ripened fruits, the fuzz removes easily, leaving behind the golden, glossy epidermis.
3. If the quince fruits are harvested before full maturation, the fuzz can not be removed. However, you should clean it even though you may also remove the fruit skin during the process.
4. Also, mature fruits can be easily detached from the branches.
5. Quinces are climatic fruits (they continue to ripen even after they are picked). This way quinces can be harvested before they reach maturity.Read More

6. The quinces harvest can be done from September till November
7. Caution! Do not break the top of the branches where the fruits are fixed! You’ll also destroy the fruit buds and the tree will not bloom in the next year.

How we store the quince fruits
1. Quinces can only be stored for a few months.
2. Depending on the variety, the fruits resist until December-January.
3. Quince fruits are best kept in cool places.
4. When over-ripening occurs, the pulp of the quince becomes brown, loses its succulence and can not be consumed either fresh or prepared.

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