Up To What Age Can Be The Rose Bushes Moved?

What do we do if, after a few years, we realize that we didn’t plant the roses in the most appropriate place in the garden? Very simple: we move them!

When do we do that?

1 The best time to move rose bushes is the first half of the month November.
2 It is best for the bush to have up to 8 years, but in special situations, you can also try the
transplanting of the older bushes (at your own risk!).

How do we proceed?

1 To work more comfortably, the stems should be shorten to 30 cm.Read More

2 The main concern is to recover as much as possible from the root.
3 Dig around the bushes (8-12 inches) deep enough, then carefully raise the bush.
4 It is not necessary to move the bush with soil on the roots, but also we do not have to shake
the roots.

How to replant the roses

1 The plant should be replanted in a large pit.
2 Under no circumstances should we push our roots into the pit!
3 The plant level in the new location should be the same as in the old location: no deeper, no more to the surface.
4 After planting it we must wet it well, then daily, until the frosts come in.
5 Before the frost comes, the bush should be barked.

The outcome

The next year, the moved rose will bloom abundantly or even more well as if it had not been moved because it will take advantage of the new ground in which it was seated.

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