The Reasons Why The Apricot Tree Deserves Its Place In The Orchard

The arguments for planting an apricot in your own household are much more than you suspect!
The apricot tree
1 Gives fruits even in the second year of planting.
2 It offers a long and constant production.
3 At the age of 4-5 years, an apricot tree produces 10-15 kg of fruit.
4 At maturity (after 7 years), one apricot tree produces 30-70 kg of fruit.
5 The economic longevity of an apricot tree is 15-20 years, but the trees can also reach the age of 40 years.

1 They are a real medicine contributing to the restoration and revitalization of the human body
2 They have a beneficial effect on digestion and contribute to the formation of haemoglobin
3 The apricot preserves its taste (sometimes even intensifies) by processingRead More

4 The apricot nectar has a chemical composition almost identical to that of fresh fruits being an exceptional drink during the cold season
5 Apricot kernels should not be discarded because they have a very high nutritional and mineral value

For which reason:
1 An apricot tree in the household is a source of savour and health
2 The fruits obtained in the yard will be 100% natural
3 The purchase cost of a tree is insignificant, in relation to the production volume and the advantages for the family health.

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