The Multiplication Of Ginger


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a plant from which we use the aromatic rhizome (the underground strain that stores nutrients) – rich in essential oils. Following several technological stages, ginger cultivation is more favorable in protected spaces (solariums) From the foundation of ginger culture to the harvesting of rhizomes is required approx. 9-11 months.
In order to establish a ginger culture we must have plants from rhizomes that were forced to grow indoors in pots. So to get the planting material we will use protected spaces that benefit from light and temperatures of 66-77 °F.
Ginger rooted plants are obtained with the help of the rhizomes. Ginger rhizomes are available in supermarkets. The first step is to buy small rhizomes so they can fit in a pot.
Some of the rhizomes can be treated with sprouting inhibitors – in them the entry to vegetation is more difficult. In their case the vegetation will take a little longer. In order to eliminate this inconvenience we can purchase BIO rhizomes; we keep the rhizomes for 1 hour in water and then wash them for a few minutes under the jet of water. It is recommended to purchase rhizomes from multiple sources (multiple supermarkets), as there is likelihood that they will not be treated. The washing of rhizomes must be delicate as there is a risk of destroying the dormant buds present on them.
Stages of obtaining ginger rooted plants:Read More

Plant the rhizomes in a pot using a substrate / universal soil. Cover the rhizomes almost completely with the substrate so that the substrate will be permanently maintained damp. After approx. 30-40 days after planting, one can see the appearance of the first little plants / sprouts
After approx. 50-60 days after planting, one can notice the appearance of the first ginger leaves.
After approx. 80-90 days after planting, we should already have good and rooted plants to plant / set up the culture.
The planting of ginger in sheltered areas (solariums, greenhouses) can be done with rooted plants (15-20 cm in height with 3-4 well developed leaves) after April 15th. The planting in the garden can be done after May 15th.

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