Some Things You Certainly Do Not Know About Carrot And Its Cultivation

1. The carrot bears the best if it is cultivated after solanaceae (eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes), legumes (beans, peas, soybeans, clover, lucerne) and cucurbitaceae (cucumbers, courgettes).
2. Carrots do not grow after other rooty plants, bulbs, cabbage or cauliflower
3. In the crop year carrots do not support manure fertilization, especially if it is not sufficiently decomposed
4. To get the crops as early as possible, the carrot can be sown in the beginning of winter, in the winter or early spring. Unlike other seeds, the carrot seeds are not affected by cold soil and start the vegetation when the conditions of temperature and humidity are met.
5. Carrot seeds are sown at 1 inch deepRead More

6. Carrot is a temperate climate plant, which is why it is less pretentious when it comes to temperature. Instead, it has high demands on humidity and light.
7. The best carrot production is obtained in well-humid, permeable, humus-rich soils with a pH of 6.5-7, with good humidity.
8. The best carrots are medium-sized, red-orange, with a reduced central cylinder. The intensity of the color indicates a valuable and high quality variety
9. Carrots are considered among the healthiest vegetables, because cultivating them requires less phytosanitary treatments than other vegetable species.
10. Carrots freeze at 28° F

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