How To Set The Perfect Time For Harvesting Wine Grapes

Indications which tell us when the grape has reached maturity
1. The bunches gradually lignify, losing their grassy appearance.
2. The beans soften and gently pull off the bunch.
3. The color of the grains becomes yellow-green or yellow-gold (white grapes) and red-bluish and red-bluish, with varying intensities (black grapes).
4. The seeds get a brown color, an astringent, and come off easily from the core.
5. The skin of the grape grains gets thinner, elastic, transparent and decouples easy from the pulp. Read More

The factors which influence the ripening of grapes
1 Geographical position of the vineyard: the same grape variety will be matured first in the south of the state and then in the northern vineyards.
2. Grapes bloom faster in plantations located on rocky and sandy soil than in the clayey and humid ones.
3. In the very dry years, with low water reserves in the soil, the forced baking phenomenon occurs.
4. Climate characteristics of the year accelerate or slow down grape ripening process, giving the wine the so-called “character of the year” (depending on the character of the year, the tasting masters can recognize the vintage year.)
5. In the years when grapes were hit by hail, the harvesting is done earlier because of the remaining scars which can develop the gray rot.

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