When To Harvest The Quinces And How Long Can They Be Preserved?

If you’re picking the quince fruits wrong, the tree will not bear the next year. How to recognize ripe quinces 1. To determine the correct harvest time, you need to remove the fuzz that forms on the fruit peel. 2. On well-ripened fruits, the fuzz removes easily, leaving behind the golden, glossy epidermis. 3. If the quince fruits are harvested …

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The Key To Growing A Goji Plantation

Choosing and preparing the land 1. Goji prefers soils with good permeability, ideal ones being those with 1/3 sand 2. Optimal soil acidity for goji culture is pH 8.2 – 8.6 3. Goji plants prefer sunny slopes, but under garden conditions they also can endure partial shading 4. The goji plantation should be set up on a grazing land (after …

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8 Reasons Why Apples Rot In The Cellar

When apples alter in the cellar it means that something is wrong. 1. They can be autumn varieties which are not intended for long-term preservation. Varieties such as McIntosh, Akane apple, Autumn glory should be consumed in the first part of winter. Unlike the winter apples, the autumn apples are tastier in the first part of winter, but their storage …

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