A Concise Guide To Growing Radishes

Everything you need to know about the cultivation of the delicious radish.

How they like it
1 Radishes have a vegetation period of 30-45 days
2 They can be grown both in the field and in solariums (for an earlier production)
3 For a staggered production the seeds should be sowed in stages, at intervals of 10-15 days, from February until at the end of March – for spring culture
4 For the autumn culture the seeds are sowed from mid-August to half September
5 The radish is a short day plant and for this reason it grows in spring and autumn. If spring is too late or autumn too early, it does not form thickened roots but floral stems
6 The radish seed germinates from 40°F, but the ideal temperature is 68-77 °F Read More

7 Optimal vegetation temperature: 59-64 °F
8 Resistant to freezing temperatures: 26.6-21.2° F
9 It is important for the plant to have good and constant humidity. High humidity conditions after a period of dryness, causes the root to crack.
10 Prefers fertile soils with neutral acidity and southern exposure.
Association and succession
1 Radishes can be cultivated in Spring before peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, leeks, celery (before cultures which are set up after mid-May)
2 In Autumn, radishes can be cultivated after summer cucumbers, early potatoes, green beans, onions, garlic (after cultures that release the land in mid-August)
3 Radishes can be grown interwoven with salad, early kale and green onions. It can be mixed cultivated with carrot and parsley
Health and harvesting
1 When health problems occur, radish has the same problems as cabbage, which is why you should avoid cultivate them on the same land, not to transmit diseases from one culture to another
2 A common problem with radishes is the garden fleas, which can destroy the crop immediately after the sprout of the plants, even before you realize it
3 Round roots are harvested by plucking, while elongated varieties are harvested by dislocation

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