8 Secrets For Onion Culture Success

Onions have a few preferences that, if not respected, it’s difficult to obtain good harvest.
1 The easiest way to grow onions is from the chives. Although the onion seed culture is also practiced, the onion obtained from the chives grows healthier and reaches maturity earlier.
2 The best quality chive has 0.49 inches in diameter. If it is smaller, it will grow very slow, and if it’s too big the plant will produce seed.
3 A common mistake in early onion cultivation is generous nitrogen fertilization. This happens because, as a rule, in February-March in the solariums there is salad, spinach (both loving nitrogen) and onions. Thus, onion benefits from the same treatment as spinach and salad, but it is wrong because nitrogen in the early stages of its development hurts the plant. Read More

4 Young onions bear hard high temperatures which can damage them. This is the reason why the onion harvest is very poor in the years when the planting was belated.
5 It is very important that the layers of onions always be clean of weeds, because onion hates its competition. A very smart method to keep the onion layers away from weeds is to cover the surface to be planted with newspapers.

When planting the bulb, just make a small hole where you can put the bulb into the ground. With this method you offer the onions a considerable advance in development, while weeds are stagnating in development, embarrassed by newspapers.
6 Onions grow optimally in soils with good humidity. Under drought conditions you’ll obtain a small and low quality onion. In many cases, dry soil causes even the cracking of the onions.
7 When the leaves of the onion begin to wither, do not irrigate. Excess water during this period leads to a drastic reduction in storage resistance.
8 A few days before the harvest, make sure you lay down to the ground all the remaining leaves.

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