8 Reasons Why Apples Rot In The Cellar

When apples alter in the cellar it means that something is wrong.
1. They can be autumn varieties which are not intended for long-term preservation. Varieties such as McIntosh, Akane apple, Autumn glory should be consumed in the first part of winter. Unlike the winter apples, the autumn apples are tastier in the first part of winter, but their storage resistance is reduced to 40-60 days.
2. The apples kept in the cellar come from trees that began to spawn 1-3 years ago. Even if they are big and look good, apples produced by young trees have a low storage resistance. It is good to keep this in mind and sort them more often by removing the apple which give the first signs of disease.Read More

3. If they were harvested too soon or too late, the apples will certainly resist less in the basement. It is important to know the varieties of your orchard and the optimal harvest time for each assortment.
4. Immediately after the apples were harvested, they must be taken into the cellar. With every day that passes without depositing the fruits in a proper way, their potential storage life will lose at least one week.
5. Very large fruits (over 3-4 inches in diameter) have a higher risk of illness. The apples which are ideal for storage are medium sized ones.
6. If the orchard has been thoroughly fertilized with nitrogen, apples will have a low storage strength. Nitrogen favors fruit growth, but their firm structure will disappear.
7. The orchard will not be irrigated 1 month before the harvest. If 2-3 weeks before the harvest you watered trees abundantly or it rained a lot, you can expect problems. Fruits will have a higher water content, which can cause problems.
8. If in the previous year the apples in the cellar were damaged in the absence of the reasons above, it is possible that the cellar is contaminated with microorganisms that cause storage diseases. In this case, disinfection is recommended.

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