5 Important Things About Cultivating Pumpkins

The pumpkin aroma in the winter is a good enough argument for you to grow at least a few plants.
Simple things about pumpkins
1. Leave only 2 to 4 fruits per plant, gradually removing the flowers and the offshoots that appear. (Flowers can be eaten cooked or in salads. They’re a delicacy!)
2. Do not let the pumpkin come into direct contact with the ground. Place it on a bunch of hay which you can change when it dies or mold appears.
3. Drench the ground around the pumpkins, but avoid splashing the leaves.Read More

4. If you want big pumpkins around August 15, leave the largest pumpkin on the stake, and tear the other ones.
5. Pumpkins are harvested after the first bruise. They are best kept in cellars, but they also last for a long time in larders.

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