4 Ingredients That Make Tomato Sauce Even Better Than It Already Is

There is no perfect method for preparing tomato sauce. The variations which appear in recipes give the charm of this product. Even if you have a recipe that you prepare for many years, consider, at least with your imagination, the following ingredients:
Both red wine and white wine make tomato sauce even more delicious. Red wine shares its gustative robustness in the sauce, while white wine gives a fruit flavor to the sauce.
Add the wine to the first part of the boiling as soon as the tomatoes have softened. By boiling, the alcohol will evaporate, but the rest of the wine qualities will snugly embrace the tomato pulp.


Dried parmesan residues (though edible) are discarded most of the times. Sin! If they are
added in the tomato sauce, immediately after it starts to boil, the Parmesan shells will bring
savor inside of your mouth!
During boiling, much of the added parmesan will dissolve. The pieces which didn’t dissolve should be removed before serving.Read More


3-4 tablespoons of butter added to a small pot of sauce, promotes it to another taste league!

Baked tomatoes

Tomato sauce made from baked tomatoes is much better, because the high temperature used when baking them activates their flavors more intensely. The tomatoes are cut in two and placed on a tray with the cut side down. It would be ideally to put a backing paper in advance on the tray. Leave them in the oven for 5-10 minutes at high temperature until the tomato skin begins to burn. They’re ready when the skin easily detaches from the pulp.

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